måndag 26 september 2016

A Blog

Hi Everybody,

I'm now in the Action Aid Office in Nebbi. Today most of the guys here are out of office. Some are organizing a so called Mass Message Collection Meeting in a neighboring sub county (I will write more about that in a future post) and some are conducting interviews for a recruitment in a partner organisation. This means that apart from Beatrix, who is looking after the front desk, Roy who handles security and Matilda who is here from the Gender Based Violence Shelter to do some paper work, I'm alone. And I thought I would use this time to set up a blog. The blog will be both about my personal experiences here in Nebbi and about my impressions of Action Aids work here in Uganda. I hope it will be of interest both to my friends and family in Sweden (and elsewhere) and also to my new friends in Uganda. I have already been here for two and a half week and its been pretty amazing!

To quickly summarize. I am in Uganda on a 12 week trip to do volunteer work. The organisation who is organizing my trip is part of Action Aid (http://www.actionaid.org/). Action Aid has two establishments here in Nebbi: A Local Rights Program Office, working with anti-corruption and community empowerment (I will try to explain that term later), and a Gender Based Violence Shelter. During my stay here I will be teaching math at a Primary School in Nebbi and take part in as much as possible of the work of the office and the shelter. People have been very generous in letting me in to their work so I already have a lot of experiences I want to write about. I will try to catch up in the following blog posts. Finally, I'm staying in a wonderful host family. Matilda, her three kids Kyla, Israel and Blessing, Sonja (baby tender) and Hasfa (maid).

My host family